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The media and marketing landscape is changing faster than ever. Get the insights about the relevant structures of the markets and get to know the biggest players in the media game in Europe.

Intramedia and intermedia comparisons will be part of an in depth analysis of the converging media industry worldwide. Be prepared to bring your own individual views, perspectives and values along in order to join an intense normative discussion about the impact of media on society.

Learn how the advertising markets are also part of the changing enviroment that is having such an enormous impact on businesses and social values. All industries and business models will be disrupted by all these topics.

Strategic branding and the rules of the marketing industry are changed every day. Join the movement and the discussion.


Technische Hochschule Nürnberg

Fakultät Betriebswirtschaft

Bahnhofstrasse 87

Mittwoch 15:45 - 19:00

Raum BL.112

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ZEITPLAN Winter 2017/2018

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